Celebrity TikTok Dances Challenges That Will Make Your Day Better

While there are people who might be a bit tired of seeing celebrities everywhere, we’re sure few would argue that some of them can be very entertaining. These days, one of the top ways people pass time is through social media. Whether they’re posting photos on Instagram, interacting on Twitter, or looking up new dances on TikTok these are all valid ways of unwinding. Especially if you join in the fun and get some exercise in the process as well!
With that in mind, why not get a degree of inspiration from some of your favorite celebs and their dance challenges? From the pros to the noobs, there’s plenty of fun to be had. Here are some of our favorites!

1. Ciara, Russell Wilson, and their Kids

We all know that singer and actress Ciara has the moves, but did you know her entire family is equally talented as well? In this adorable video, they did their version of the “Something New” TikTok challenge and the family delivered their best. If you’ve ever been told that social media is a waste of time, just show them this video to prove that it has its merits too. Besides, did you know you can earn investment money through it too?

2. Meghan Trainor

If it’s adorable dancing you’re looking for, Meghan Trainor has the right content for your needs. In one particular video, she shared the spotlight with her cousin, as well as some of his friends. They did the popular #EvilTwinChallenge, while also making sure she give the kids a quick shoutout for being really talented. Given the fact that she tagged each of their accounts, we wouldn’t be too surprised if they become the next rising TikTok stars!

3.Usher and his Children

If you have a dad as talented as Usher, you’d probably push them to join in TikTok challenges as well. To the singer’s credit, he is more than game to partake in the fun. The family did their version of the #FlipTheSwitchChallenge, which made for a truly entertaining time—for them and those watching through their screens. In their version, Usher is seen walking into the bathroom where his kids are busting their best moves. When he flips the switch, they end up exchanging positions, with Usher kneeling on the floor wearing a child-size shirt! Not a side you usually see from the artist, for sure.

4.Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert

Being a professional dancer doesn’t mean things need to be rigid all time. Just take cues from Hayley Erbert and Derek Hough, who groove across the flooring just for the fun of it. The best bit is how creative these two can get when tackling each and every TikTok trend. That’s on top of all the workout routines and dance choreographies they also share on the platform.
If you’re looking to get more exercise into your lifestyle, but want to do so in an easy manner then check out their account. You’ll even spot a few cameos from their pet cat and dog!

5.Jessica Alba and her Daughters

Jessica Alba may not be making films anymore, but who says she’s leading a boring home life? Aside from investment planning for her businesses, the actress also gets to spend plenty of time with her kids. In particular, she bonds with her daughters Honor and Haven by doing TikTok challenges. As you may already know, Alba is no stranger to dancing. Remember the 2003 film Honey? She did a number of choreographies for her role in the movie, proving that she has the moves.

These are just a few of our favorite celebrity TikTokers who are actively participating in dance challenges on the app. We hope they inspire you to get moving and enjoy dancing like no one is watching!

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