Here Are The Best Dance Television Shows You Can Watch

If you’re looking for shows to watch that might give you the energy to get up and stretch, move around, and shake it out, then you’re on the right page. A great way to find that excitement to exert some energy is by watching some dance television shows and competition series. Perhaps you’re bored of other shows that you just want some entertainment, or you’re only curious about how some dancers have made their mark on Hollywood.
Whatever the reason, these epic shows are sure to give you mind-blowing performances that can definitely gas up your day! Check out our list below:

1. Dancing With The Stars

Now approaching its 30th season, Dancing With The Stars is one of the most popular dance competition shows in the U.S. The show focuses on professional dancers teaching Hollywood stars the art of dancing, including various ballroom styles. While the hit show provides both entertainment and comedy, it also allows fans and audiences alike to be inspired by the celebrities’ determination to take on the challenge and perform the technical movements of ballroom dances. This show also teaches us that one does not have to get a dance degree or years of experience in order to become a dancer!
Recently, the series was renewed for a 30th season, which is set to premiere in Fall 2021. Season 29 was hosted by model Tyra Banks.

2. Dance Moms

Created by Collins Avenue Productions and focusing on the Abby Lee Dance Company, this reality television show has become a well-received series in the U.S. since its air in 2011. Dance Moms follows the early training of children under the tutelage of choreographer Abby Lee Miller as they embark on their many investments in the world of dance. It also showcases the relationships between Miller and the dancers, and often the drama and stressors of being a mom to a young dancer.

3. So You Think You Can Dance

This show first aired in the early 2000s and became another popular competition-based show in America. The first of its kind, So You Think You Can Dance, allowed dance to be broadcasted into every home all over the country.
On this show, dance performers train in various dance genres and enter open auditions held in major U.S. cities in order to showcase their talents. These performers move forward through additional rounds of auditions to test their capacity to adapt to different dance styles. They compete for the input of judges and votes of the viewing audience until a winner is hailed as “America’s favorite dancer” and earn investment money. SYTYCD garnered a total of nine Emmy Awards. The show’s season 17 will reportedly air in 2022.

4. World of Dance

World of Dance is one of the most-watched shows that brought electricity to television. It features dancers performing all styles of dance, either as a solo act or as larger groups. The contestants compete for a championship title and bring home a prize of $1 million. They are scored by judges Derek Hough, Ne-Yo, and Jennifer Lopez. The series premiered on May 30, 2017, with the most recent season airing on May 26, 2020.

5. Solid Gold

This 80’s dance television series centers on dance that accompanies the popular music of a given week. It features how the selection of music can go a long way in captivating the audience while performing on the dance flooring. In the show, talented dancers from across the U.S. perform in classical dance routines and music videos. Showcasing various musical performances, this show can be watched by anyone interested in multiple forms of art.
Interestingly, some of the dancers in the show moved on to acting careers, such as Tony Fields and Chelsea Field.

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