The Legendary Dance Moments in Modern History

Hollywood has given us some mind-blowing entertainment, so much so that we still remember some iconic dance routines of the past. Celebrities like Michael Jackson and Beyoncé took the world by storm in showcasing exceptional performances. Well, who could forget MJ’s moonwalk and famous Thriller dance moves? We bet you’ve also tried them at home!
In the past two decades, pop stars and music artists alike have garnered a huge following. Factors such as beauty, talent, degree of fame and influence, and personality have drawn thousands and millions of fans, but we think talent, including dancing, best define these performers.
Below, we’ve curated a list of the legendary dance moments in modern history.

1. MJ Medley – VMA performance (1995)

The King of Pop was hailed a king for a reason. He was all about revolutionizing dance and music! Michael Jackson was a pillar in dance videos, with his Thriller performance creating the foundation for the succeeding artists. His 1995 Video Music Awards performance allowed him to perform the MJ medley, featuring his hits Smooth Criminal, Dangerous, and Billie Jean. He surely wowed the crowd and viewers from all over the world!

2. The Spice Girls – The Brit Awards (1997)

The 1990s were undoubtedly The Spice Girls’ heydays. As part of their investment planning, they performed at the 1997 Brit Awards, and it was nothing but iconic! The Union Jack dress Geri Halliwell wore made the performance hotter and spicier. It created a trend among the audience, and you would see that similar dress in almost every ’90s party. The girl group opened the show with their single Who Do You Think You Are and ended with their sassy girl power dance moves with the songs Wannabe and Stop.

3. Beyonce ​- Single Ladies performance – American Music Video Awards (2008)

We always knew that Beyonce could both sing and dance in heels, but when the music video for Single Ladies was released, she brought electricity to the small screens. Fans, especially single ladies from all over the world, copied her dance moves and created videos of their own on social media.
Queen Bey, as usual, wanted to leave an impressive performance, so she danced the whole music live at the American Music Awards. Again, she danced in high heels.

4. Bruno Mars – 24k Magic – American Music Awards (2017)

There’s no one else in history that can top Michael Jackson, but in our opinion, Bruno Mars comes close. Well, there’s just so much talent in this guy—his soulful music, his superb songwriting skills, his angelic voice, and his fiery dance moves! Mars brought funky dance back to the stage. He’s not just good, he’s like MJ good!
His show-stopping performance at the 2017 American Music Awards was nothing but magic. Mars always credits Michael Jackson for inspiring him, and we can all see the King’s influence in his art!

5. Madonna – Vogue at MTV (1990)

Pop history is loaded with Madonna’s iconic music, dance, and of course, hot looks. The famed musician penned the classic pop track Vogue in the early ’90s, and it created a new dance craze.
She took her performance to the 1990 MTV music awards and served some fancy Marie Antoinette realness! She wore a slick costume, gassed up the stage, and danced like a true Queen of Pop. Indeed, there’s no one else like her!

6. Backstreet Boys- Everybody music video (1997)

The Backstreet Boys were an iconic boy band in the 1990s. Their smash hit, Everybody, was one of their chart-topping tunes. The song’s music video included a few nods to MJ’s Thriller, but it was the dance routines that got everybody moving on the flooring. The choreography speaks volumes of the ’90s jiggy rhythm and funky moves.

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