This Year’s Most Intriguing Online Dance Trends

The fact that the Internet has become an inextricable part of our lives has several drawbacks. It does, however, have some relatively positive aspects. For example, we all know how important it is to unwind and entertain ourselves after a long day of online classes, work, or housework.

The need to communicate with others, engage with them, and, of course, have those 15 minutes of fame has given rise to online trends. Dance patterns on the Internet are a perfect example of this. They’re entertaining, interactive, and typically simple to duplicate to a degree. Others are short-lived, while others have a lasting cultural influence. However, each year brings something different to the table. This year, it is expected that more online-based dance trends will emerge, as people prefer real-life encounters to sit passively in a theater to watch a show. So, in terms of online dance trends, what has this year given us?

Dancing online on St Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March in Ireland, the United States, and other countries around the world. St. Paddy’s Day is another name for this holiday. This holiday is a perfect opportunity to host a virtual social gathering and is an example of virtual celebrations. There was a different form of pattern that swept the internet. As a result, celebrations were canceled all over the world. However, since traditional dance was such an essential part of these celebrations, Irish dancers had no choice but to flaunt their Irish dance shoes online. The aim was to get the worldwide group of Irish dancers together during these trying times, allowing people to enjoy the magic of the holiday from the comfort of their own homes and even join in on the fun. You definitely don’t have to take out your credit card to join in on this celebration!

Celebrity dances

Confession: one of our favorite childhood pastimes was copying dance moves from music videos. We’re not talking about swaying as in Lean Back, but more like Janet Jackson’s Miss You Much level kickball shifts. That’s because music video dance moves are pretty amazing to watch. However, performing them is even more thrilling. Let’s face it. We all want to be the person at the party who, without being told, knows every step to Juju on That Beat. It’s no wonder that celebrities are the ones who started the most famous dance trends. The Futsal Shuffle, credits to rapper Lil Uzi Vert, is the first example that comes to mind. The rapper predicted that the dance would “take over this year,” and he was not far off. There’s also the Yummy dance, which began after Justin Bieber’s new single of the same name was released.

Remember when Drake’s In My Feelings got celebrities up and dancing? The comedian/social media personality Shoker, who posted a video of his own homemade music video, tagging it #InMyFeelings, helped transform the rapper’s latest single from his top-charting album Scorpion into a viral dance challenge. Celebrities have since shared their own #DoTheShiggy dance videos in response to the original video. The In My Feelings videos turned into a full-fledged Internet craze by the time Drake took the stage at London’s Wireless Festival. The rapper even performed the dance moves onstage, flooring all of his fans.

Tik Tok dances

TikTok has emerged as the undisputed social media platform of the moment, and TikTok dance challenges, credits to the domain of Gen Z, have become omnipresent on the Internet at large during this socially distanced and extremely online period. The formula for making one of these entertaining clips is deceptively simple: 15 seconds of quick choreography (short and tight movements are preferred to match the app’s vertical frame), set to the catchiest snippet of a song. When you combine the right shimmies and moves with an earworm of a music clip, you might find yourself being imitated by millions of other TikTok users eager to learn a new dance routine—or simply trying to get some action in a while sitting at home.

However, the influence of a trending dance goes beyond the views of a viral video; so far this year, TikTok dance challenges have helped artists like Drake, Doja Cat, and Megan Thee Stallion secure top chart positions for their songs, which provided the addictive soundtracks for these dance trends. With his instructive lyrics that were ideal for a soundbite and the “leak” of a hip hop dancer-slash-influencer performing choreography to it, Drake, no stranger to the power of a viral contest, had the Toosie Slide hit #1 on the Billboard Top 100, it appeared to be a clever feat of reverse engineering, credits to his instructive lyrics that were perfect for a soundbite and the “leak” of a hip hop dancer-slash- Before the song was even released, the dance challenge began.

Doja Cat gave credit by including the TikTok user who produced the viral choreography to her song Say So in the official music video, and Cardi B has pledged to learn the choreography to choreographer Brian Esperon’s dance challenge to her song WAP with Megan Thee Stallion, which he debuted on TikTok. (WAP has been used as the audio for just under 200,000 videos on the app since its release two weeks ago, with the hashtag #WAPdance amassing over 2.7 million views.) The most important thing is that people enjoy themselves while doing and watching them.

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