Top 10 TikTok Viral Dances That You Need to Know

From middle school kids to even Hollywood’s biggest celebrities, it seems as if everyone’s hopped on the TikTok trend. This isn’t too surprising considering how entertaining the content can be on this platform. Among the most popular are the viral TikTok dances that has people of all ages dancing along. Did you know that aside from creating trends, the app has also helped some really talented creatives find recognition and, in some cases, get signed by management companies?
On top of that, artists whose songs go viral on the platform have also collaborated with choreographers on the app. If you’re a newbie at TikTok dance challenges, don’t fret! You can easily develop your skills just by following the pros on the platform—no need for online classes! Besides, there are many types of dances that would fit your level of expertise just right. To help you get started, here are the top 10 TikTok dances you need to know.


Created by 14-year-old Jalaiah Harmon back in 2019, this dance quickly gained traction among middleschoolers and high school kids. The choreography is set to K Camp’s song Lottery and has found its place outside of the platform as well. It has been performed in different talent shows and even pep school rallies!

2.Number One Baby

Second in popularity to Renegade, this song managed to get 27 million dancing along to Young Thug and Future’s song Relationship. To its credit, the viral dance stands out from the rest because aside from the usual hand and arm movements, it ends in a pose that mimics the way one would hold an invisible baby. Adorable? We think so too!

3.The Box

This dance was popularized by Charli D’ Amelio, one of TikTok’s most popular influencers. The then-15-year-old created the choreography for the first part of the song given how easy and catchy it is to do, the post quickly gained millions of likes. It didn’t take long for the rest of the platform to catch up, adding much needed electricity to Roddy Ricch’s song.


Set to BENEE’s song Supalonely, this particular choreography was one of the most popular during the early half of 2020. If you think it has decreased in use since then, you are definitely mistaken. At present, @zoifishh’s orginal choreo has reached over 2 million likes and counting.


It isn’t just new songs that can find fame on TikTok. Just take Kesha’s 2010 hit Cannibal, which found renewed interest after Briana Hantsch created choreography for it. Just like that, she gained 52,000 likes seemingly overnight. Currently, 9 million users have also made use of the song and Kesha happily gives that credit to Hantsch.

6.Git Up

This time, we have a duo creating viral choreos on the platform. Meet Ajani Huff and Davonte House, who first hit it big by creating a new dance for Blanco Brown’s song The Git Up. Since the dance was first posted, the song has been used over 3 million times on TikTok.

7.Don’t Start Now

Hannah Kaye Balanay deserves much praise for helping Dua Lipa’s song Don’t Start Now go viral on the app. Her choreography video for the song has been seen by over 3.8 million, who obliged her request to “pls do my dance”. The simple dance routine quickly gained a degree popularity and even today, is still one of the more popular ones on the platform.

8.Say So

Without a doubt, Doja Cat’s track Say So became of the biggest hits to blow up on TikTok. It didn’t just gain viral status on the app, though, because this song managed to trend and rise in rank when it comes to the charts. This proves that TikTok can greatly influence the music industry depending on what new song is trending on the app. The choreo for it was created by Haley Sharpe, who later made a cameo in Doja Cat’s music video for the song! A worthy investment, considering Sharpe instrumental in the song’s success.


Another massive hit is Megan Thee Stallion’s track Savage. Thanks to the choreography created by Keara Wilson, it became an instant hit on the platform. Even if you weren’t on the app, you’ve likely seen the videos of people performing the hip-swaying, hand-clapping dance. Even celebrities have hopped on the bandwagon, adding to the 26.8 million people who have used it in their videos to date.

10.Out West

If it’s simplicity you’re looking for, check out Nicole Bloomgarden’s choreography for Travis Scott’s song Out West. The 19-year-old incorporated cool hand movements and easy to follow hip rolls to complete the dance. It’s catchy, easy, and can be done with all of your friends. For those who need a bit of gas to get started with TikTok, give this one a try!

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